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What is an eSim?

eSIM is the technological replacement for physical SIM cards. Since 2018, the majority of Apple, Samsung and Google mobiles and tablets have been manufactured with eSIM (embedded SIM) as standard. Over the next decade, plastic SIM cards will disappear for consumer devices.
In practice this means no more plastic SIM cards getting lost or damaged. No more jamming paper clips or stickers into the side of a €1,000 phone.
eSIMs are easily provisioned over the air, either by scanning a QR code, selecting a data plan manually in mobile data settings, or clicking a link.

How Does It Work?

The GlobalECharge eSim sets up a data only profile on your smart phone to use in any of our supported destinations worldwide giving you high speed data on your preferred mobile device.

Why Use our eSim?

After setting up the GlobalECharge eSim you can simply switch on your mobile device when you reach your destination and be instantly connected to our high speed data network, allowing all your applications like skype, whatsapp, email and even high speed browsing to work without the need to replace your sim card for an expensive tourist sim or pay high roaming charges.

How Do I Get My eSim?

Simply contact us and we will ask a few questions about your required destination(s) and send you a QR code to install your eSim.

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